torsdag 1. januar 2009

New Years Eve Outfit

Lots of fireworks!

My little sister made candy spears:)

I did smokey eyes, and tried to keep the rest of the make-up neutral. Also, I sprayed glitter in my hair, though you can't really tell.

Ta-daaa, the finished result

The outfit, before I had sewed the top.

This is what I was wearing earlier that day. A bit boring, but quite comfy!

Later, I was wearing a skirt from Warehouse, tights from Oasis, a selfmade top and a necklace from H&M with a pendant from Accessorize.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Baby u must be the flyest thing on this earth!you always look so friggin good, its breathtaking, alway fashionable no matter what the occasion is!

  2. Thaaaank you, sweety:D:D:D:D

    You are the most adorable person on earth!
    digger deg, digger deg, digger deg!!!!!

    Takket være deg, så vet jeg at det ikke er min skyld at jeg tiltrekkes av gutter! Jeg mangler bare hjerneceller i hypotalamus;)But dont worry, Im saving money for your kjønnsoperasjon! haha, its gonna be sweet xD