tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Carrie Bradshaw, my all time favorite character<3

Stunning dress..

These two dresses are amongst my favorite outfits

The ultimate source of inspiration. There are so many other great outfits from the show as well, but I can't find any good pictures and I've already posted like a hundred:P

But Carrie is just so dazzling!! SJP does an amazing job at portraying this fantastic character!


2 kommentarer:

  1. I totally agree, she is stunning, and always look amazing, but with those looks and the all that money, we all could do it.
    I personally think u S do it so much better, with limited resources, both financially and assortment-wise - seen as we dont have the same range of shops in out cold country, u always mange to crate an awesome outfit!

  2. naaaaaw:)

    DU ER HERLIIIIIG:) tusen takk!!

    love you, you do know that!