mandag 28. september 2009

El Vaquero

Fur from UFF and boots bought at Ebay from El Vaquero. Bag from Botkier. So now you know;)


Torn principles

I am working on tearing up the back of this sweater. Couldn't wait to wear it though, so I'll show it again when I'm done

Jacket from Principles..


onsdag 23. september 2009

the past two days..

Doing everything I can when I can...So now I'm gonna give you two days in a row. Right now I am at a internett cafe that is run by the red cross, where I used to do voulenteer work.. funny feeling to be here again.

But I gotta run! I'm going tanning at my job and then I got to get back home to do some more drawing. Hope you all are well!


mandag 21. september 2009

lørdag 19. september 2009

Another day

Bag: Botkier
Top: Vanessa Bruno
Pants: By Malene Birger
Jacket: Oasis
Boots: Din Sko

fredag 18. september 2009

And I'm wearing this today

My new vest from Pepe jeans and lovely bow-belt from By Malene Birger :)



I totally wrecked my budget today..but guess what I got? this babyAnd it was 70% off, so I think I actually saved money. Kinda

Anywhoooo, I needed a black bag for everyday use, so I've convinced myself that this Botkier clyed bag is more an investment than anything else, and I'm gonna love it forever :)


tirsdag 15. september 2009

søndag 13. september 2009

Saturrrrrday and a lazy sunday

I hadn´t gone out for ages, so I decided yesterday was the day! So I basically chugged a bottle of wine, and got very very drunk. Not something I´m too proud of, I can´t even fully remember if I did get out..Thankfully, my best friend drove me home and even made sure(!) I got in my own bed. Ha ha. Here is what I woreoutfit

today I am restless and hungoverSo I try to do some drawingsee, I got an A on both the design and art work I did for my last assigment at FIT.Proud?
In my grandmothers house you´ll find the most random things. Some, though, can be used for inspiration
I´m having trouble with my internet connection here, so I don´t know how much bloging I´m going to be able to do the coming days. Sorry about that, and sorry for not bloging much the last days either..again, no net-connection here and yeah, I´m working on it :)


New room, old clothes

I don´t have any good place to take pictures here, so I´ll just keep taking amature shots of myself. Oh well :)


søndag 6. september 2009


...I have my entire wardrobe back.

The majority of my cloths have been on a little vacation this summer at my grandmothers house, they needed a break from me!

But tomorrow I am ready to move back. I've spent half the day cleaning the room I'm gonna live in, and I've swallowed more dust than can be healthy for a gal. But obviously I'll live to tell about it.
I discovered once again that I own too much stuff, and I am really going to try restricting myself from acquiring any more.

Or else I'm going to need a planet or two as I go on consuming.


lørdag 5. september 2009

new necklace

From Gina Tricot. The last one left, lucky me!


fredag 4. september 2009

My new favourite blog

There is so many blogs out there now, I keep having this ambivalent feeling about having one myself. My sister will always sigh and say "You just have to be different, don't you!".
Its not that I have to...But I really hate the thought of being like everyone else. But then I discovered a new blog today. It belongs to one of my youngest sisters who lives in the States with my mom and dad. She had not told me she had a blog, and probably doesn't know I have one either. I thought she was too young for this kind of stuff, and she probably thinks I'm too old. Funny.
Her blog is the stereotype blog, with the classic 411 on what she spends her days doing. But I love it. I find it so endearing. It's super sweet, just like her. Full of misspellings that makes me smile, even after a 13hour long day at work. Like "inuf" for "enough".
Or maybe thats the way kids write "enough" these days and I'm just being an old fart. Hmmm

Anyway, check it out!


torsdag 3. september 2009


...I actually went to work like this. Look at that tired face! Hehe, least Im paying MJ my respects.