mandag 31. august 2009

Out of time..

Okey, I have exactly two minutes to write this post before I have to run back to work. Just want to leave a little message to all my lovely friends who I know I am neglecting. Im sorry. There is simply not enough hours in one day, and lets face it, my prioritizing sucks. I love you all, you know who you are, and some of you might not have heard from me in a while. Sorry, again. I will make up for lost time, somehow, sometime soon. M, I know you can relate.. Anyways, remember my love for you all is endless and unconditional. And I am an emo


søndag 30. august 2009

fredag 28. august 2009

onsdag 26. august 2009

Days like these...

...I wish somebody could invent a new color.

I lack inspiration now a days. Especially since I feel the fashion blogg-world has adapted to this spesific style, where everything I see gives me this "same shit, different wrapping" feeling. You know what I mean?

The only one who has truly inspired me this summer is Isabel Toledo. I saw an exhibition of hers at the FIT museum, and I am still in awe.

You see the man bra? I loved that piece.Notice the hooded dress. It looks so damn good. I crave


tirsdag 25. august 2009

Just ordinary days and ordinary ways

The jacket on the last picture is from Oasis. It's old, and I have worn it a lot, but funny enough I got so many compliments for it today. That made me happy :)


Party with Høyer

Awsome party with my colleagues, whom I adore! Though, it is safe to say most of us woke up the next day regretting that last drink or two...


mandag 24. august 2009

mandag 17. august 2009

Black me Up


More Øya

C'est moiNoora Noor. What can I say? She is just not valued enough here in Norway. She is incredebly talented, and I love her voice, her soul, her attitude, her everything. She is truly amazingCrystal Castle. I've got this womans voice stuck in my head now
Erol AlkanRøyksopp. They threw a heck of a show!Robyn came as a surprise guest apperance, and the crowd went completly nuts!

As I am sure you can see, I had a great time this week! I got to spend time and share moments with my friends, whom I love and admire, and I got to experience a lot of new music and artists, which I love too. A special thanks to Mari, for making this happen. You are wonderful, and I really hope you got a moment or two to enjoy your self <3 Thank you <3


Stine Goya

© by Sacha Maric

(Pictues borrowed from, you'll find more pictures here!)

Oh my God! Stine Goya is amazing! I want every single piece! This collection is so made for me, I love the jumpsuits, the colors, the sequins(of course!) and the entire look. Gorgeous!!!


søndag 16. august 2009

I get like, sooo artsy after a few beers :P

Yes, and I'm such a nerd too.."oooh, all the pretty colors!"


Things you will find at Holdbergsplass #1


Food and jewelry used as decorationsPeek-a-boo

The "toilet book"Watch out for this guy

Antiques(not!)A cage where nobody lives(anymore?)The sky, view from bedMe, dead after a week at Øya...or after a night out. I'm a legend here, they say