mandag 28. desember 2009

fredag 25. desember 2009

1.Christmas day


The best going away gift<3

My little sister Katarina made these really sweet toilet bags for me and Andrea. She engraved our initals with pink sequins and filled them with everything a gal could ever need;) I love the lip-stick pen and bejeweled nail file. I'm gonna be the most popular girl at school :P


Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a perfect Christmas and that you all got what you wished for :)


The Day Before Christmas


søndag 20. desember 2009

I had funfunfun:)

Leather pants: Carlings
Bra: Forever 21
Top: Cubus
Necklace: Warehouse
Belt: H&M
Shoes: DinSko
Coat: Zara
Vest: E-bay
Bag: Chanel


lørdag 19. desember 2009

At a party, blogging haha

But I fell in love, and wanted to share

Picture by Steven Meisel


Sevigny does it better

Inspiration!!! Wow, Chloe Sevigny is sooo the coolest cat around! Which all of you probably already know, but I am just so amazed here, I have to state it :) She is so god damn cool

bilde lånt fra



Scarf: By Malene Birger
Body: Gestuz
Dress: Gina Tricot
Tights: Gina Tricot
Shoes: DinSko


fredag 18. desember 2009

On my mind right now...

Beautiful voices...and their opera version of "Carol of the bells" is an absolute must! My fav
Acapella excellency

Wish I could sing like that..


mandag 14. desember 2009


Yesteryesterday's make-up. Eeuw. I've like totally got the worlds biggest nose
YesterdayToday I wanted to wear something unflatteringI'm in such a emo-mood, though I have every reason to be unlike me. I got in to FIT, my sister is coming with me to NYC, I just bought our tickets, I've kinda got a date on Thursday, and four of my best friends are coming to Oslo this week. Three of them tomorrow<3 hmm, writing down all the good things kinda makes me feel better. I'm lucky..yeay:)


Goodbye, Louis!

....My sister and I decided not to give eachother x-mas gifts this year...We're just too poor


søndag 13. desember 2009

Christmas party with Sunpoint<3

My sister and I where stressed out and even bought 3 dresses for the occasion. None of which we ended up wearing. The zipper on the dress I had bought broke, so I ended up taking my American Vintage scarf on as a toga. Lol. I had a very good time, though:)


one little star


torsdag 10. desember 2009

09.12.09 and 10.12.09

Testing out the outfit for the night. And I've fixed my hair, which I'm really happy with:)Didn't wear the jacket or use the bag, toughat work
This is the outfit I ended up wearing to Høyers christmas party
Today, really feeling sick/hung over..never mix red wine, cava and liquor..


tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Have Yourself a...

...Merry little christmas

Guess whats under my tree? Or will be..haha, my sister just can't keep a secret! she's so funny:)

The notorious speedy bag. Some people love, some people hate. But, no matter how you feel about this bag, you can't deny that its a classic;)


mandag 7. desember 2009


Flashbacks of to say I had a rough day

søndag 6. desember 2009


Je suis poor, it sucks! I want new shoes, and these aren't even expensive..But I gotta save money for NY. Or should I splurge?