onsdag 2. desember 2009

I'm loving this christmas

What I am wearing todayMy outfit yesterdayBoth my grandmother and my little sister gave me a christmas calender:) Lucky me! The chocolate one is from granny and the gifts with the beautiful silver wrapping is from Katarina Ballerina. So far I've gotten a lipgloss, hello kitty nail polish and a "flaxlodd". I won 25,- on the first one, changed it in and won 50,- that I'm gonna change in again. I'm gonna win the mill this time!!!!!! :D

Thank you so much both of you, I love you<3


4 kommentarer:

  1. Where are your earrings from?! they are lovely! And congratulations with the xmas calender, your family is the best!

  2. They are from Indiska,but they are really old :(
    I know, Im lucky:) I love my family!!!

    And I love you!!! miss you sweety, come home girl!!!!!!

  3. Jeg elsker den designers remix jakka, er den fortsatt i salg på høyer? :)

  4. Hei,
    jeg elsker stilen din vennen, du er så pen:)
    Og så masse gratulerer med å ha kommet inn på skole, høres så spennende ut.
    Go Robert P<3