fredag 28. november 2008

unexpected drunken fun

i just want to take a moment
to praise the fun
of unplanned drunkenness

the unexpected
not foreseen
ends up being the most fun
no pre lined up idea of how it will be
no expectations
no perceptions
no limits

like yesterday.
a friend of mine invited me and another friend out for dinner.
the place she works.
a fancypancy place at the east side of oslo
a charming place.
we went for a three course meal with wine.

wonderful food and great wine. excellent service.
(way too expensive for a non-working student like me though -
but that expence is now to be considered a sunk cost and is to be forgotten;)

lets just sum it up
good food
good company

looking back
stupidity and drunkenness
looking ahead
of travelling

fisk og vilt and us had some minor disagreements
not understanding how it could be
that two girls had the same name
we really didnt see the problem
revolver is better anyways

ashes to ashes
gouge away

sigurd -
red bow tie, white shirt, red pants, blazer
mira -
short brown polkadot dress, black shorts, patterned/laced thights, red wellies
me -
seethrough laced top, black bra, high waisted flowing black skirt, glases

thanks to sigurd and mira
super time
-unexpected drunken fun
as always
with you

now back to the books
two exams down three to go
gloomy sunday, billie holiday;)

torsdag 27. november 2008


en venn på face hadde denne som status. knakk sammen.
..artig for ungan xD


onsdag 26. november 2008

mandag 24. november 2008

S has fallen in love

S has fallen in love....with some shoes.
well that doesnt sound like anything out of the ordinary.
a girl in love with a pair of shoes...
well may i add that they are for men.
boots for men.
black, snake skin boots for men.
she is all head over (no)heels for these shoes.
She would actually consider buying them
(about 6500 kr) if she finds the right guy,
one who can pull them off.

i absolutely love your sense of style,
your passion
and your weiredness

aka. YODA

study hall focus

love it.....:P

søndag 23. november 2008

Ed Hardy - A Fashion Debacle

It's not that I think my personal taste is superior to others or anything, but I am higly convinced that something is wrong here- very wrong!

How is it possible that so many people(normal people!!!), like several of my own friends, find this tasteless brand appealing? That they find any aesthetic value in these exaggerated tattoo-inspired garments, and are willing to pay over a hundred dollars, to cover themselves in apparel that make them look like stupid pranksters. Even Hollywood is affected by this vicious epedemic, and people whom really should have known better(Audrina from The Hills, for example), are dressing up in these skanky little things, that are sure to make Coco Chanel and Gianni Versace turn over in their graves.

Trust me, I am all about colors, patterns and things that are not typically viewed as beautiful, but this lack any sense of style as far as I am concerned. Some of the creations might be fun to look at, but the fun stops there and any person with respect for themselves should never, ever(!), consider making themselves the target of the laughing matter here.


lørdag 22. november 2008

fredag 21. november 2008

toilet art, part1

For you to enjoy, a sneak peek into the interesting life of M:

S and I live pretty different lives at the moment. my life is....kind of not happening right now. im supposed to read for my exams, but lately i havent been able to focus at all. so many distractions. people, coffee, more people, more coffee, food, people....and toilet walls... people at blinderen, or at least the girls, seem to be spending a lot of time writing at the toilet walls
my contribution today:
toilet art, part1
"toilet tennis"