fredag 4. september 2009

My new favourite blog

There is so many blogs out there now, I keep having this ambivalent feeling about having one myself. My sister will always sigh and say "You just have to be different, don't you!".
Its not that I have to...But I really hate the thought of being like everyone else. But then I discovered a new blog today. It belongs to one of my youngest sisters who lives in the States with my mom and dad. She had not told me she had a blog, and probably doesn't know I have one either. I thought she was too young for this kind of stuff, and she probably thinks I'm too old. Funny.
Her blog is the stereotype blog, with the classic 411 on what she spends her days doing. But I love it. I find it so endearing. It's super sweet, just like her. Full of misspellings that makes me smile, even after a 13hour long day at work. Like "inuf" for "enough".
Or maybe thats the way kids write "enough" these days and I'm just being an old fart. Hmmm

Anyway, check it out!


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  1. ur just getting old my dearest, sorry to be the one to break it to you :(