onsdag 18. februar 2009

sick and confused....and stressed

sick, confused and stressed

sick - since i came home from india in jan my immunesystem has been kind of down and it makes me tired
and since im tired, im inefficient, which makes me stressed and that kind of stress does not help me at all
and i know i should start up with a good sleep and make myself some realistic plans and routines, and i will, its just so many things i have to do and fix before i can sit down and get done what im supposed to do.
haha doesnt make any sense does it?

spent the afternoon with my wonderful cousin from trondheim - she is amazing! im happy knowing that i will always priortize ppl over other stuff - but i have to remember that there is somthing called ballance. but oh my friends. there are so many of them. and i love them to pieces. you know whats great about love is that its not a constant amount of which you share of, it multiplies with each additional person. i love my friends and family som much i wonder if i can ever show them how much they mean to me. what do sucks do is time - time is a fixed constraint! dammit;)

my wonderful cousin:

this is at øya at girl talk. took it from facebook - i think it is from the official øya pictures or something... later they danced with girl talk on stage

tomorrow im going to our cabin in setesdal...no electricity and no running water inside...and room for 4 ppl whilst we are 6. cosey some say. ill love it up until satturday morning and then it will get somewhat claustrofobic;)

hatt: cubus
øredobber: gina tricot
silketunika: zara
ulljakke: h&m
bukse: lee
sko: bianco

no makeup


når kommer du hjem S?

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