fredag 13. februar 2009

Noo, I Don't Think I'm A Model! God, I'm Not Stupid!!! I'm Just Bored...dass all

Here I go, showcasing my new shoes from XXI. And they are actually extremely comfortable to walk with! Yeay:)

Yes, I'm bored! I have got nothing to do..So I made a little photoshoot starring: me!
Kept me busy for about 15 minutes, hehe not bad..

I'm so silly sometimes. I came here, glad that I wouldn't have to do anything for two whole weeks, and already on the second day I'm going nuts. How did I make it through the summer? Maybe I'll do this every single day?? :P Oh god..

The blue playsuit is also a XXI(or forever21 if you like) item. My sister was actually more fond of it, than what I was, so I think I might give it to her. Perhaps as part of her birthday gift? I only used it for these photos..Yeah, I think I will do that. She turns 18 tomorrow:)My little baby sister

Tune of the day, though it thematically doesn't fit with the pictures above, is:

Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

I guess I am feeling a bit aggravated cus I'm so bored..hehe, and feeling the blues cus I'm spending Valentine's Day without a valentine?


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