torsdag 5. mars 2009

"Baby I know, you do that to all the girls"

..."You know that I`m fragile..."

... "I'm nothing but a sandcastle, Baby don't blow me away...

(Solange - Sandcastle Disco)

What I cute song! A feel-good tune =)It's been running through my mind like crazy!!!

I'm a crazy music-lover. My life is absolutely not the same without. It's my drug. It gets me high and low. And I love it.

Lately I have been listening a lot to Solange's music. I don't think she is half as good as her sister(hehe, I'm a big fan to put it lightly), but she is talented. She definitely deserves to be checked out;)

And the song "Tie My Hands" by Robin Thicke and Lil'Wayne, is nice too. I just loooove Thicke's voice. So soulful

All his songs are amazing. I mean, who can forget "When I Get You Alone"???!!!
My all-time favourite<3 Aaah, the energy

Noen som har hørt noen bra sanger i det siste de har lyst å dele med meg??


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