torsdag 11. desember 2008


my little sister told my mum the other day
(shes about 11)
that she thought that i could be prime minister if i want to
and you know what
i acutally think i can - that is if i want to (which i btw dont...;))

what i try to convey
is that
we have been brought up to believe
that we can do whatever we put our minds into
she finds herself at a stage in life where she wants to be an actor(...)
(hmm i sound so patronizing:P)

what do i base my naivity on?
born in norway = lucky in many ways
rich country, peaceful, good public education...
we have available every mean to get where we want

norway being an egalitarian country as it is
with limited importance of network
climbing is not very difficult either
merits are supposed to be more important than knowing the right people
(may be debatable...)
so to make whatever we want to do, happen, should not be too difficult

so what it all comes down to
the dependent factor
the x-factor
you, yourself

well thats some pressure for ya!!
no reason for you not becoming prime minister now is it...

i find
being ambitious, stubborn and dedicated
the qualities which has the most to say
in how far you can reach
apart from your own wishes that is
what drives you..

in my case at least
im not overly intelligent - i would say about average
but being ambitious and dedicated takes me those extra miles
where my iq doesnt do the work

i dont believe in
good girls go to heaven
and bad girls go as far as they like

good girls get everything
(that said, i need to add
good not meaning "typical" female qualities such as self sacrifice and such,
but being nice, hard working and dedicated)

i know
both for me and S
in that im confident
that we will be able to do whatever(within reasonable limits)
we put our minds into
time will show what that is going to be...

i say as nike
no excuse
follow your dream (haha cliche delux)


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  1. Jeg føler jeg ble fylt med pågangsmot der mari, fylt med ny iver og giv til å oppfylle alle mine drømmer! Dette skal jeg lese hver gang det kommer en tøff oppoverbakke!