mandag 29. desember 2008

Envious, oh Yes I am...

Bleikfeit? Jeg kjenner meg igjen ass..De 5 kiloene er like obligatoriske som juletreet i stua. Det er liksom bare ikke ordentlig jul uten.

But enough about that. My restless soul is super envious of you, M, leaving for India. Take me with you!!!! I beg of you!

Lately, I have been dreaming of a get-away just like that. To a place where the weather is nice, the people are different, new impulses and things to feel. Pretty colors and good food. No more Facebook giving you a headache or heart attack every other day( Talk about a Love-Hate relationship!). Just something to give you peace of mind.

Apathetic, due to the cold weather, I never manage to do the things I should have done. All I want to do, is to dig a hole in my bed and stay there forever.

Call me when its summer and I'm done hibernating.


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