onsdag 3. desember 2008

Da S dro til Grønland for å kjøpe stoff...

Right now I am working on a portofolio and have to make a dress. I have never made anything in my entire life and was not sure where to start. A colleague recommended a place on Grønland where I could buy fabric for a good price. And so I went....

I am not so familiar with that specific part of town and I did not even know exactly where the store was. I didn't quite remember the name either.

So I take the subway and as I walk up the station I see two men dealing drugs, entirely out in the open, just as if it was the most normal thing to do! I get horrified, run pass them, confused, as I don't know where I am and what direction I should go. I want to cry and call my mother(okey, not quite, but almost) and I think that every person walking near me looks like a possible terrorist or suicidebomber. I walk a couple of minutes around and curse the day I decided to go to Grønland, when I finally see the store my colleague was talking about.

I walk in and I find a piece of fabric in the exact color I wanted. Its perfect. The lady in the shop is really nice and even gives me a better price for the piece than what it cost. I walk out and look at Grønland again. I laugh at myself. Sometimes I am so retarded! I have this idea that I am so open-minded, but when push comes to shove, I am obviously just as judgemental as the the next person.

I walk back to the station and come across an Asian store(India or Pakistan, I think) and find the most awsome earrings in the entire wooooorld!!!! After 20 minutes of driving the lady in the store crazy, I finally go for three different and absolutely ass-kicking earrings, that I can't wait to use!! The best part; Nobody is going to have the same earrings that I have! earring-heaven<3

I get home, happy and less judgemental(I thought, at least), and start trying on my new earrings. I pause. That place where I bought them did not exactly look like a kind of place that holds hygiene as a top priority, I mumble to myself, and start drowning my new earrings in pyrisept. They were purchased at Grønland, after all!


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