lørdag 25. juli 2009

Happy Birthday Leo!

"This month: You, only wilder!

Why you're wonderful
You're a laugh a minute and the life of every party. But you have lots of substance and a little Good Samaritan in you too.

Why you're impossible
How can such a sosial butterfly be so secretly insecure? It's mind-boggling.

If he's a Leo
He believes in love- but he also really loves looking at himself in the mirror. Throw him regular compliments and he'll be devoted to you forever."

Source: Glamour

Today a friend called me an attention seeker. I denied this at first( my natural reaction to criticism), but had to shut it quickly as I know my own personality too well. I then concluded in my head that being an attention seeker is a good thing( my second natural reaction to criticism), because "Hey, I'm perfect...right?".
Yes, attention seeking, definitely a good thing...

Being the naive person I am, I have come to find a lot of truth in astrology and zodiac signs. This semi-faith provides me with an excuse to be the excessive extrovert person that I am. I am born in the sign of Leo, and simply can't help myself! I am under the power of the stars..

I thought back to when I first read this horoscope, or Glamourscope if you may, and remember feeling content. Who wouldn't want to be this person, who despites stealing majority of the spotlight, makes people smile? The true Leo in me thought that "If you can't take the heat, then you better stay out of the sun". My sun, that is, as this is the star that Leo is ruled by.

So I decided to embrace this vital part of me and take it for what it is. Not everybody can do the excessive extrovert so well(Leos are known to be very talented, you know)and I want to take the time out to congratulate all the Leos out there who most likely have their birthdays coming up soon( mine's up in 3 days, Yay!). Happy birthday and keep on shining with the sun!


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  1. What a wonderful outfit! I love lighter colours like white, cream, eggshell ++but I can't make them work for me. :/ You're lucky. :)