fredag 17. juli 2009

Dead Trendy; Vampires

I guess I'm the last one to know, as always, hehe. But, hey, better late then never? Since I got to the States I've been bit(nice choice of words, huh?)by the Twilight fever. Two weeks later and I've finished three of the books in the series and I'm more than ready to consume the last one! I have the movie too, but I'm saving that one for the end.

I came across a forgotten New York Times-paper at the train the other day, as an interesting article in the style issue captured my attention. Turns out, with the peak of the Twilight-saga and True Blood(a HBO-series), vampires are the coolest thing at the moment. And looking around, I found much evidence to hold this true.

Today's vampires are not the same as the old-fashioned Dracula. They're rich, have special talents and, most importantly, good looks any human would trade their lives for.
So why wouldn't they be trendy? The modern vampire is dangerous, seductive and powerful. An inspiration for a new look to replace the sun tan, flowery romantic look we have seen expressed over several summer collections now. So I threw in a little snack for you here, bottom photo featuring Norwegian top model Siri Tollerød. Top photo from Italian Vogue. And speaking of Italian Vogue and legends, I highly recommend everyone reading this to check out their website for an amazing photo story done by Steven Meisel. I sent shivers down my spine.


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