lørdag 17. oktober 2009

Trondheim, Leon's birthday<3

I did the cakeThere were lots of balloonsSexist fridge, boys will be boys! I don't mind it, but seriously, why does she have to stand on her toes to BEND DOWN???!PresentsJelly-shots!What I looked like going out, like a good freak of course, Leons sweater on since their house was so extremely cold, no make-up and my hair in a bun! All this over my LBD and BMB heels
on my way home again, after my 24hour visit. hungover

I enjoyed myself very much, and actually got to see a lot of Trondheim in that short period of time, thanks to Leon being an excellent tour guide! I was surprised to find myself actually liking the place, as my expectations were kinda low, hehe

Thank you very much, Leon :)I had a great time


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  1. Åh, den kaken ser fristende ut, hehe. Fint antrekk og !